The KidZone creates a fun filled “Mom Approved” environment to increase youth bowling.

KidZone delivers cool fun imaging and entertainment that kids love and mom’s approve! Whether you choose Video, Music or Live Formats, KidZone helps you create fun in your bowling center. Increase participation with KidZone to build leagues, summer camps, home school, lock ins, after school and open play revenues.

Kids love birthdays, kids love bowling, add the The KidZone Birthday program and you‘ve created a birthday party destination! Join in with kids from all over North America for the world’s largest birthday parties.

KidZone Logo

KidZone Audio

Put the industry leading youth bowling entertainment program to work for you. Super charge your youth programs.

  • All the latest “Mom Approved” music
  • Exclusive novelty tracks to build fun and increase participation
  • Effective youth promotional announcements to increase sales opportunities.

KidZone is available for your business 24/7, so whether you have an all-night lock in, Saturday birthday parties, after school day care or summer camps, it’s easy, Just Push Play!

KidZone Video

When you chose a KidZone music video program, you can count on high energy, family friendly entertainment that Kids love and Mom approves!

  • Instant access to thousands of “Mom Approved” music video titles
  • All requests filtered for “Mom Approved” content
  • Exclusive novelty tracks to promote fun and participation
  • Youth themed promotions to increase sales

Build your business with the industry leading youth bowling entertainment program!


Don't let an inappropriate song or music video cost you business. Trust the Bowling Music MOM Approved programs to keep it clean.

Current, popular music can frequently contain lyrical or visual content that would not reflect your brand.

The Safe Zone logo is your peace of mind that this will not happen. All music formats that contain the Safe Zone logo is not only radio edited, they are also extensively content-edited not to contain sexual or violent lyrical content. You can count on a Safe Zone program to keep the party appropriate for families.

When you are on a MOM Approved program, our system makes it impossible to play non- Mom Approved content. The combination of MOM Approved programs and Bowling Music software security keeps your business family friendly!

Power Up Your Playlist

You are in control with easy to use features for music-video requests, pre-programmed playlists, custom playlists and custom programs.

Now you can search from thousands of music-videos in the Bowling Music library, and play them with a simple click of a button! Instantly fulfill your customer’s song requests and play what you want when you want it.

Playlist Control

  • Quickly modify your playlist by dragging items up and down.
  • Search from thousands of music-videos in the Bowling Music Library.
  • All titles are simply rated by "Kids", "PG", "Everyone", and "Adult". Kids and Everyone videos are denoted with the Safe-Zone logo which means we guarantee them to be family-friendly and Mom Approved!
  • Don't like one of the titles? You can remove it by clicking the red "X" on each item.
  • Advance to the next item in your playlist or pause the curernt video with a single click.
Power Up Your PLaylist
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