It’s not just music, it is an event!

Every weekend, Live to Air, bowling’s favorite DJ’s pump up your bowling center with non stop music, cool sound effects, hip, high energy imaging, toll free phone-in & online song requests, and loads of fun! You can choose from two demographically programmed live music channels, each branded as "The BEAT" bowling's coolest entertainment programming!

The live music programs are constantly changing throughout the day to match the demographic flow of customers in your bowling center. They are an excellent choice for background music during the mornings and afternoons. In the evening the energy level gets turned up and the Live DJs create an unbeatable party environment.


Kids love bowling, kids love music and kids love birthday parties!

Put it all together and you have KIDZONE! It's the coolest place for birthday parties in town. KIDZONE! features interactive music programming for ages 6-12.

The DJ is at your service to take care of the music requests, and birthday dedications. This is also a perfect selection even if your center is not full of birthdays but lots of kids!

DJ Interaction

You and your customers can interact with the live BEAT crew in two easy ways.

Whether it's with the toll-free BEAT lines or online through our control panel, you'll be part of the party no matter where you're located. Stop paying DJs to come in to your bowling center and you'll not only save hundreds of dollars every year, you'll get a far superior entertainment solution!

Toll-Free BEAT Lines

Your customers can call the toll-free BEAT request lines and talk directly to the BEAT crew for song requests, special announcements, and dedications. All phone calls are recorded and our quick response live production team produce the call and most go Bowling Music LIVE! and are played within 15 minutes. This creates a new level of excitement in your bowling center when a customer hears them self on your speakers.

Online Requests & Messages

Built right in to the easy to use online control panel where you access all of your Bowling Music services, you and your staff can use the Requests and Messages feature to interact directly with the Live BEAT Crew. Song Requests and Dedications can be typed in and are instantly sent to the BEAT Crew. All requests are filtered for format and determined whether they are appropriate to be played.

This ensures consistency in music programming and guarantees that your music doesn't turn in to a jukebox format. You can also chat directly with the DJ if you have any questions about music or programming.

Live Dj for Bowling Centers
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